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Airline reservations and trip insurance services
Travel Support for your Customers

Travel Resource Solutions is a fully licensed and bonded ARC agency, is a member of IATAN and ASTA and fully computerized with the Sabre airline reservation system. As a result, customers can be fully accommodated with airline reservations, enabling your resort to offer air inclusive packages at competitive prices. With one call, your customers can be offered all components for a complete vacation including hotel, diving as well as air and land transportation. Travel insurance is offered to all of your customers.

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Sample of a customer satisfaction survey graph
Customer Satisfaction Surveys

The most effective way of finding out if you are serving your customers in the best way possible is simply to ask them. Most customers are eager to tell you about an experience they have had if you make the "telling" easy - which we do by providing them with the ability to complete a survey on line, in the comfort of their own home. By reaching out to them post-vacation with a custom designed on-line questionaire, you also have an additional opportunity to connect with them and let them know you value their feedback.

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map of a weather storm
Crisis Management

How your company handles the initial phases of a crisis often affect how it is viewed when the crisis is over. No matter how many precautions you have may have prepared for, natural disasters caused by severe weather, regional governmental or political issues, and even rumors can spark a crisis in one or more of your distribution channels. Travel Resource Solutions can be your partner in helping you minimize cancellations by assisting in your deal ing with your customers and the travel industry trade and the media during and after a crisis.

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Travel Resource Solutions wants your property and the business relationship with your property to succeed long term. For this to happen, we have a short list of "must do's" without which success can not be achieved, such as having a marketing program in place to promote the toll free reservation number and reservation email address, providing periodic familiarization and training visits for your account Reservation Specialists, and most important - that you be interested in maintaining active communication with us so that we can always be current with the heartbeat and direction of your resort or adventure/dive operation. Our experience is that our staff can make more sales for you as they become more closely part of your resort and family. Communication is the vital key that keeps the operations and marketing process running smoothly. Finding a long term reservations partner you can share ideas with may be THE pivotal point in your properties growth.

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